Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Foods

We went out to a restaurant for dinner on Friday, but I had such a nice time that I forgot to take pictures of my super-delicious food ^_^
 Sebastian got a freaky, Arabian coke :O I was afraid it was going to have anthrax in it. 
 I ate a Greek village salad.
How come, when you order a salad, it's always so fucking hard to eat it? The leaves aren't cut up properly and it's impossible to eat it with good manners >.< I don't think i should be punished for my healthy choices, I should be rewarded! Or maybe they're just pissed off because I'm choosing the cheapest thing on the menu? ^_^
 On Saturday Seb woke me up and wondered if I wanted something special for breakfast since he was going to the store, I knew exactly what I wanted! A big, tasty donut with white frosting ♥
 We were going out for lunch later that day. At first we went to KFC, but this ridiculously fat family was standing behind us in line, and I completely lost my apatite, so we went to a cafe and ate salad and pasta instead. I was disappointed though, because I ordered a chef salad with salmon, but I only got one lousy slice of salmon, and a bunch of cheese and ham in my salad, I HATE ham >.<
For Saturday dinner we made chicken and potato wedges in the oven, yum!

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