Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starbucks Lunch

We have a shorter workday today since it's a holiday both in Sweden and Cyprus today. On shorter workdays your meals get kind of screwed up, so when I got hungry I had to run off to Starbucks and buy something to eat, I chose a low-fat blueberry muffin and some green tea. Mark my surprise and remorse when I checked my fast-food-calorie-app later on and found out that this muffin actually contained 430 calories! If that's a low-fat muffin, I don't want to know how much a regular one contains ...

I have a question for you, I'm on this "1200 calories a day"-diet, how much do WHAT I eat matter? I try to eat healthy food, and I actually haven't been having my usual sugar cravings, but you got to treat your self sometimes (plus it seems impossible to eat healthy and still come up to 1200). If I want to lose a bit of weight (or fat, really), do I have to stop eating carbs or something crazy like that? What would you say is most important, to eat little or to eat healthy?

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