Monday, January 31, 2011

Recipe: Veggie/feta omelette

Okay, this is actually too easy to make to even be filed under "recipe", it's more of a food tip. I know that it looks really disgusting in the picture, but it actually was really tasty! It's low in calories (220-300 cal depending on how many eggs you use) but includes all the protein you'll need for one day. I've realized that I eat too much carbs and too little protein, I usually just get protein from vegetarian/vegan sources, because sometimes I can go a whole day eating nothing but oatmeal (I love it so much ♥) . I think I need to eat more protein than that. And it feels really unhealthy to eat so much carbs.

You'll need:
1-2 eggs (I used one egg but it wasn't filling enough, maybe one is enough if you include some side salad.)
50 ml milk
3 Mushrooms
Half an onion
One small paprika
Feta Cheese
Oil/butter to cook in
Salt & pepper, any spices of your choice really. I used paprika powder and herbal salt as well.

Start with chopping up all the veggies. When onion is included you should always start by frying this, until it turns transparent and light yellow. After that you add the garlic and the rest of the vegetables. Mix the eggs together with the milk in a bowl, add the spices. When the veggies look about done, you pour the egg/milk mixture in to the frying pan. Because of the large amount of veggies, it won't be "pancake like" like omelettes usually are. When the mixture is no longer fluid you add the feta cheese and turn it over to lightly fry the other side as well. Ready to serve!

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