Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend + Weekend Gets

We spent the first part of the Friday cleaning or bedroom and bathroom walls with chlorine. See, we've been having mold in our apartment and been forced to "shut off" half of it (we've been sleeping on a mattress in the living room), but on Friday we finally had time to properly clean it. I feel an instant change! My skin is much better, and I don't get these coughs as often. Overall I just feel so much better being here now. We're moving in in our bedroom again tonight.
 The Body Shop had a sale so I bought a present box with the entire "Sweet Lemon"-series, this is my absolute favourite! The scent is exactly like lemon curd cheesecake, makes me so hungry ha ha ^_^
 This is pretty nice weather for January, don't you think? You can feel the seasons are turning now, it's becoming warmer, which is great because our apartment is as cold as it is outside.
 Having lunch.
 Ha ha, a Kitler!
I bought a hairspray that you should use when you curl your hair, it's suppose to make them hold for longer, I've heard good things about this product, so hopefully it will work!
I bought a base coat from OPI, usually I just buy really cheap nail polishes, but for tops and bases, you can afford to splurge a little, don't you think?
I bought the "My Silhouette"-lotion from Nivea, I know this is mostly a gimmick, but I figured, if you bite in to all the gimmicks, one of them are bound to work, am I right? It can't hurt, anyways.

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