Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mika ♥ egg

I thought I should start making "My picks"-posts, with scans from magazines and which styles I like from them. First out is scans from the February issue of egg. I download all my scans from Tokyo_Jam, the downloads are reasonably quick with free downloading, and it seems to be uploaded in good time. I hope that it is okay that I steal them for my posts. If it's not I will stop.
(Click image to view in full scale)
One thing I loved with this issue were the pages with Yuma and her style, she's my favourite egg model and she has great style. I really couldn't pick so I just posted the full pages.Yet I don't have the confidence to wear stuff that's too sexy and revealing, and I think it looks better on very skinny people, like Yuma (or just any model, lol). For me the co-ords with white and camel are most inspiring, I could see myself wearing something similar, not being uncomfortable. I absolutely LOVE those thigh high white boots with the fur lining. And she seems to do, too ^_^
1. The combination of red jeans and leopard jacket looks so cool! I love that this kind of feels like a "twin-coord", even though the only similarity is the leopard.
2. Nice and simple outfit, I love that she can make a poofy coat like that look stylish!
3. I desperately want to lay my hands on those fluffy leg warmers, they're gorgeous. You have to be careful with an item like this, there's a chance that it will end up looking "raver-ish", but she pulls it off wonderfully.
4. So. Sexy.
5. I like the use of denim cut-offs in winter outfits (COLD!!), and this picture is a great example of how you always look better when you're tanned.

 1. I love Rominhis thigh high/leopard combo.
2. Kanako seems to be adding some more femininity to her style, which makes me like her more (I don't like boyish styles, co&lu etc.). She looks great with the new extensions, and this still feels like her style, just more matured.
3. Love the hat and socks, I could easily see myself wearing this in the early spring/fall.
4. Once again, the hat! And the coat, and the tights. Love.
5. Her red hair is just wonderful, and she really makes me want to pull of a pant suit just as well.

1. The sheepskin coat was said to be a huge hit this f/w, I have seen surprisingly few of them, but this is definitely how they should be worn! It creates such a lovely, slim silhouette when worn with tights like this.
2. Mm-m, leather pants! :D
3. I've always been a fan of those fake sports jerseys, there's something sexy about them, maybe because they remind you of Playboy/Victoria's Secret? It's an interesting combination with the fur, but it looks great.
4. Kind of a casual rock-ish look, this is about as rokku as I would go ^_^''
5. Cute and stylish girls both of them, but the Nordic print dress is what caught my eye. Seems as though I never can get enough of that Nordic print! I also love the fringe boots, always have.

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