Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Co-ord #1

 This is what I wore yesterday, I love that onsie and I'm so happy that I finally have a nice belt to wear with it, it really brings it all together ^_^

Cardi: H&M
Onsie: Topshop
Belt: H&M
Ballerina Flats: H&M
Finally I got to wear my new eye lashes, I heard both good and bad things about Diamond Lash, but I really liked them! They're not the best quality, but they were very easy to apply and the band was very soft so they didn't hurt my eyes. They're also very reasonably priced and totally worth the money! The design is very extravagant and eye-catching, maybe a bit much for my taste, but a over-the-top design is pretty crucial for me since my own lashes are very long, a lot of lashes just disappears.

The Dollywinks, OH MY GOD I love them SO much!! They're probably the best lashes I've ever tried! They're stiff enough so to not feel cheap, but soft enough so to not feel cheap. Super-easy to apply and the glue was great as well. I'm so becoming a Dollywink-girl after this ^_^

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