Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday times! (image heavy)

I was so over-excited yesterday, I barely got any sleep tonight, but I'm not tired at all, I've been really happy and cheerful all day ^_^
 The best thing about birthdays is that you get woken up by a song ^_^
 I finally got to open the big package I received from Sweden last week! And a bunch of tiny little packages, wrapped in cute Winne the Pooh-paper. I love Pooh!
 From Seb I got gifts from The Body Shop. I got Shower Gel and Body Butter from the Passion Fruit collection, I haven't even seen this before I got here. It has a really lovely scent, summery, makes me think of fruity cocktails on the poolside ^_^ 
I got a Body Lotion with Shimmer and a Lip Balm from the coconut collection. Coconut is THE summer scent for me, because I always where coconut tanning oil. The shimmer lotion will look beautiful once I'm more tanned, and the lip balm is just so soft and lovely, like silk!
I also got a two-toned eyeshadow in brown shades, I want to start using eyeshadow and I think a "naked eye"-look looks best. I always feel like a tranny in too much colours.
 I ordered this book last month and it was one of the things that my mom sent me. It's the most recent book from my favourite Swedish author Alex Schulman, called "Being with her is like running up a summer meadow without getting the least bit tired", I love the super-long title!
 I actually pre-ordered it just to get it signed, ha ha, I'm such a nerd ^_^
 I got a cute card with a kitty from Sebastian, inside was a greeting and the promise to buy me very nice and expensive shoes when we get back to Sweden :)
 I got a card from my mom as well with paintings that she made. I love to get these homemade card, they're so beautiful and personal, I could never throw them away!
 I got two magazines from my mom, SOLO and a special work out-magazine that Cosmopolitan gives out. I prefer reading these kind of work-out magazines rather than the ones that are all just focused on diets etc. This is more about health and beauty, it's closer to the goal I wish to achieve.
 From Seb I got American Cosmo, British Cosmo and British Glamour ♥ I have sooo many girly magazines to read now! I can never get enough of them, I love the fashion and the beauty, the sex tips and the gossip ^_^
I also got a heater for the apartment, much needed! Feels like these last two months will be more tolerable now!
I got a lot of licorice from my parents, yum <3
And,  the most important kitchen phenonomen commonly known as osthyvel! (cheese slicer).

Seriously, non-Swedish/Norwegian people, how do you cope without it?! Who wants to eat thick slices of... well, anything? I nearly killed someone yesterday when I was forced to use thick cucumber slices on my sandwich :(
 After I was done unwrapping presents, we went out to the living room and had my favourite meal of the year: Birthday Breakfast! Seven different kinds of cake from Starbucks; Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Lover's Cake, Cookies 'n' Cream, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cheesecake, Rockslide Brownie and a Coffee Macroon! It was so very delicious, but we both got a bit nauseous after all that sugar. My favourite was the Carrot Cake, but I also really like the Raspberry Cheesecake and the Brownie.
 After we'd eaten, we went out for a walk, and of course said hello to our friends the kittens ^_^ They've gotten really big, they're like teenagers now. I always forget to feed them when we walk by, I have to remember it for next time. We both really want to take the silver striped one home, it looks like a tiny snow leopard! Would go great with our operative systems.
 We went down and felt the water in the harbour today, it was quite warm actually, there where people swimming even! I don't think it's warm enough in the air or water to go swimming quite yet, but it definitely felt like spring/summer today!
 After our walk we sat down at a cafe to have lunch, not because we were particularly hungry after our cake-binge, but we just needed to get something in our system that wasn't 80% sugar, ha ha ^_^''
 My baby <3
 I had a large seafood pasta and Seb had delicious garlic chicken with fries, there are a few times a year when diets doesn't exist, and birthdays are one of those times!
When we got home we sat on the porch for a while, read magazines and drank Snapple and coke zero ^_^

I'm a bit sad that this day soon will be over, now I have to wait a whole year until I can turn 21 once again! :(

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