Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today's Exercise

A total of 25 minutes treadmill.
Strength exercises, arms and back.

I didn't feel too hot when we got to the gym, I felt weak and not at all up for exercising. Honestly I was thinking about just calling it a day and work harder next time, but then I thought "No, I work out until I pass out, if I don't pass out I didn't feel so bad after all". Maybe that's not a very healthy mindset, but I didn't really believe I was going to pass out, so ^_~ I always compete with Seb when we run on the treadmills next to each other, and I was determine to burn more calories than he did. It felt really good to compete, and to run fast!

I really love going to the gym, and I regret only choosing a two month membership, maybe I'll extend it all throughout March as well. I'm a little worried that I won't be able to keep in shape if I don't. I have this magazine with home-workouts, I have YouTube-videos and I have Just Dance, but I think I'll really miss lifting those weights! When I get home I'm definitely buying some gym equipment for home usage.

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