Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today's Coord

 Today I'm wearing my sort-of-new shorts with a vintage top. I would've wished for a different silhouette, but you can't always have what you want, can you? I'm thinking about cutting of that ruffle from the top, I think it would be easier to style without it.
Funny thing about the shorts, I just bought them because they were cheap, and I thought I'd be able to make a few coords with them, but I'm starting to really like them! They're very versatile.

Top: A vintage boutique in Stockholm, don't remember the name of it.
Shorts: H&M
I'm wearing the lashes that I ordered with my lenses from Honeycolor. I really like the look of them, but they lack in quality and are very hard to apply. These are pretty much the only lashes I have that really gives my eyes a different look, I would love to find a pair in the same design but with better quality! 

Such a bummer with my hair today, I wanted to try to make a small hair-ribbon on top, but it turned out very ugly and I entangled my hair into the hairband, when I finally had gotten myself out of it there was no time to curl the rest of my hair :( I've been really bothered by it all day >.<

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