Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My pre-Valentine's Dinner

After work on the 13th, we went out to a restaurant. On weekdays work ends so late, so we didn't want to go on Monday. We went to a Asian restaurant called "Tao Fusion". We've been there before and I remember the sushi weren't any good, but Sebastian had the sushi this time and it tasted better, so kudos to them for stepping up their game!
 At first we wanted to share the dumplings for starter, but the waiter told us there was something missing to make dumplings, so we chose spring rolls instead, delicious! ♥
 When we were done with our spring rolls another waiter came out and served us the dumplings, said they were on the house because they didn't taste the way they should, ha ha ^_^ But they were good, I love getting free food!
 I had Chicken with teriyaki sauce, it didn't taste like teriyaki usually does, but it was still very delicious.
Soy sauce, pickled ginger and sea weed salad. I used to hate ginger, but I forced myself to eat it because it's good for your immune system, and now I really really LOVE it! :D I loved the taste of the sea weed salad, but not the texture. I think a lot of times it's like that with Japanese food, good taste and not-so-good texture. 

We had a very nice time Sunday, the food was great and the service was great as well.

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