Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trip to Limassol (picture heavy)

 We got up quite early, 9-ish, Seb had to go get our rental car, and I had to put make-up on and stuff. Road trip, woop woop! We didn't have any CDs and we didn't enjoy listening to the radio in Greek, so we listened to my iPod in our portable speakers.

 Mr. Driving man, we made a quick stop to pick up our friend Christopher as well.
 After an hour on the road we arrived in Limassol, and I was super-happy because the hotel was so nice, and the room was warm! I don't remember a room being warm like, ever. Loved it.
 Mr hunky man <3
Being treated to nice hotel and car rides makes me love him even more ;)
 Our room was on the sixth floor and Sebastian was afraid to fall down.
 Our view.
Pools, pool bar and hotel beach. I would've loved going here in the summer!
 View from the lobby.
 Nice view x 2 ;)
 Elevator Paparazzi.
 Lobby Boyfriend
 Happy gal ^_^
 When we got on the road again to go to the big mall it started raining like crazy (the pictures of the view are from Saturday, the weather wasn't any good on Friday), I was afraid the car would brake :o
 We got in to the mall and it was HUGE, it even had an ice rink! And a bowling alley. And an arcade. Awesome.
 We were hungry and had lunch at Friday's. Feel so typically us to visit a chain restaurant that we are familiar with, ha ha. Well I like to know what I'm getting. 
I had a delicious Strawberry Mojito, it's kind of my new favourite drink!
 We all shared a big starter; Mozarella sticks, filled potato skins and chicken wings. Om nom nom.
 I loved the fact that I got a tiny wine bottle when I ordered wine :D I have to admit I was a little tipsy after wards, one small bottle is like two glasses! That wine is very nice btw, it's not too sweet and not too dry and it's a little sparkly :)
 My super-unhealthy lunch :$ Sizzling chicken and shrimp, swimming in melted cheese and with a side of mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese. It was OH so delicious, but I was completely stuffed after half. I'm proud of myself for stopping when I was full and not finishing everything just because it tasted good, but I think I could've stopped even sooner.
 After shopping the boys played a shooting game in the arcade.
 All of our bags ^____^
 Okay, so this was the most amazing and fabulous thing, I knew this weekend would be awesome when I saw this. Before we went out that night we drank a glass from the mini bar and watched Fashion TV. They showed a Fashion Show from Japan, a LIZ LISA Fashion Show!! How awesomely random isn't it to turn on the TV in Cyprus to find it showing footage from your absolute favourite brand in the world, and that brand is a Japanese brand not even sold outside of Japan?! I thought it was so cool.
 My very handsome companionship for the evening, I actually felt a little under dressed, which rarely happens to me.
 Cosmopolitan ♥
 Mr Beer Man
 My dinner. They served tapas at the place we went to, so I ordered smoked salmon and serano ham with melon and slices of strawberry. It was like the best meal I've ever had! Surprisingly enough the serano ham actually beat the salmon, and I'm a huge fan of salmon.
 "Do sexy!" and Strawberry mojito.
 Chris enjoying scotch.
 and Seb enjoying some drink I can't remember what, maybe Capriniah.
 Happy balcony girl, Sunny day!
 I had the biggest breakfast. Whole grain bread with salami, cheese and cucumber. Pineapple, orange and blood orange. Oh, and a truck load of Nutella!
 Low-fat yogurt with honey, walnuts and rice cripies (surprisingly good combination!). Oh, and more Nutella.
 Last, very unnecessary plate. Crossaint au Chocolat, carrot cake and MORE Nutella. I'm pretty sick of it now, but I felt like I had to splurge since it's something I'd never buy at home.
Mr Sexy Man <3 

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