Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Day

I've started to get up earlier in the mornings, I hate the fact that I always sleep. I never do that in Sweden, always waking up all happy and excited for the new day to start. Seb said it's maybe because our bed here is super-uncomfortable, which means that the sleep we get isn't "high quality" sleep like we get in our bed at home. I have such troubles going to sleep, too. Feels like my spinal cord gets all crooked!

Today was very beautiful and sunny, warm and not a cloud in sight! Wednesday is grocery day, so no gym today, but at least I played 30 minutes of Just Dance. It's such a good game, I can recommend it to all Wii-owners! I really love dancing, I'm terrible at it (no rhythm) but it's so much fun! I dance all the time, it's a great way to make any boring chore more fun.

I'm happy today because we bought very much food, and I love shopping, even when it's just for groceries. I'm also happy because I checked my account balance and had a lot more money than I would've expected. I'll try not to spend anymore this month so that I can save money for an awesome birthday present for Sebastian. He always wins in the contest of who gives the best presents (so actually, I win, ha ha), but not this time! I'm gonna brake him down SO HARD, bastard will never see it coming!
My lunch.
Another reason why I'm happy today: I finally find dark, whole wheat bread at the store. It was hidden in the health food section, and weirdly I hadn't seen it before. So for lunch today I had a sandwich with cream cheese, regular cheese and vegetables, and some yogurt for "dessert". I have found ONE cheese I like here, it's called something like Tistal and it kind of resembles the priest cheese that I always buy in Sweden. But I don't like the fact that people outside of the north don't use cheese slicers, what's wrong with you?! I hate thick slices, feels so cheap.
And here's the food I made for Seb, he's on the low carb high fat-diet, so I made him a carb free pizza, the crust is made of cream, egg and different kinds of cheese. It tasted okay, but you were full after one tiny bite! I love making this kind of food though, my food can be a bit boring since I'm always restraining the calories, so it's fun to get to just pour as much fat as possible into a meal! 
I found the recipe here (in Swedish).

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