Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Day

 For lunch we went to Penguino Cafe and I had a fruit platter, yum! I love pomegranate seeds, but they're so hard to get out of the fruit, it feels really luxurious to have them all ready cut up!
 We finally remembered to feed the kittens ^_^ They were very hungry little kittens, I want to go and feed them everyday!
My Valentine's gift, a lip gloss from Lancôme juicy tubes "tunes", Marshmallow Electric. I love this, it has the perfect light pink colour, I love the sticky texture and I love the wonderful marshmallow taste! I didn't get anything for Seb, there really isn't anything here that I can buy for him :( But I'll make up for it by buying an extra gift for him when we get home!
I baked cupcakes for the office yesterday, very tasty ^_^ I tried adding some yogurt to the batter this time, which made them fluffier and lighter than usually.

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