Friday, February 4, 2011

Recipe: Pasta with Chicken, pesto and feta cheese

I'm totally obsessed about this right now, I eat it for dinner as often as possible! It's really easy to do and can be changed to meet your specific choices in food, like eating it without pasta if you don't eat carbs, or without chicken if you're a vegetarian.

You'll need:
Pasta, I use whole grain which is healthier, and actually tastes exactly the same!
Feta Cheese
Salt & pepper

(ha ha, I'm embarrassed that I made that list, it says it all in the title ;____;).

Start by boiling up water, cut the chicken in tiny pieces. Since you want to eat this with a fork and spoon, you'd better chop the chicken into bite size bits. Fry the chicken with salt and pepper, and for God's sake make sure that it's not a least bit pink before taking it out of the pan! Raw chicken kills you if you just look at it for too long O__O When the water is boiling you put the pasta in the boiling water, use less than you think you need, I always end up making way too much, leave it in the pot for 8 minutes. When the pasta is done you pour out the hot water, and then you mix the chicken and pasta with the pesto and feta cheese, sprinkle it off with some fresh ground pepper, Done!

Ha ha, this really is cooking for dummies ^_^ It's not because I think you're stupid or anything, it's just that some people aren't use to cooking, and if you never cooked before you can be confused over even the simplest matters. Sometimes the recipes in cooking books are hard to understand if you don't even know the basics. This category is more "food tips" than recipes, really.

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