Sunday, February 27, 2011

Breakfast at Sea Side

 This morning me and baby took the car and drove to a cafe called "Sea Side Cafe" to have breakfast, wanting to get the most out of having a car.
 Good Morning!
Anybody jealous of the fact that we can sit outside and eat, ha ha? Nah, I'm sorry, I'm being mean :(
 The cafe is located right by the sea, so you'll get a lovely view over that turqouise water.
 Seb had a club sandwich with french fries and I had a fruit salad consisting of strawberry, banana, kiwi and pear. It's really weird, because I get a allergic reaction (itchy and swollen lips) from eating just kiwi, but not when I eat it in a salad or smoothie O_o really weird!

I helped Seb out with his french fries, best ones I've ever had!
 The cutest little kitten was harassing us for food the entire meal, ha ha ^_^ She was so cute we couldn't resist feeding her bacon and french fries ♥
We drove past the Water park, I'm really sad I won't be able to visit it before we leave, water parks are the funnest thing I know! I don't think we have one in Sweden, and I'm not planning to visit southern Europe for many years to come.

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