Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trip to Throdos Mountains

After breakfast and checking out of our room on Saturday morning, we got in the car and drove to the Throdos Mountains. Throdos is a big chain of mountains and it's very close to Paphos, like a 10 minute drive, although we drove for hours up and down the hills. I didn't take too many pictures, we spent most of the time in the car, and pictures taken from inside a car usually isn't very good, also it was hard to capture the beauty, I felt like this was something you just have to experience for yourself.
 We stopped at this little family owned tavern for lunch, they were so sweet and barely spoke English. It felt like a really authentic place, so it was more of a good experience culture-wish than food-wise.
 Higher up in the mountains we visited a small winery and tasted and bought a couple of bottles of wine.
 The mountains are so much colder than the rest of Cyprus right now, wearing shorts wasn't very enjoyable at all.
Almost at the top of the mountain, snow! We stopped here and drove back again, if we had went any further we would've reached the ski resort. Yep, that's right, it's actually possible to go skiing here! 

I had such an amazing time both Friday and Saturday, definitely the best time I had since I came to Cyprus. I'm really homesick right now, but I think the time that's left will be easier to handle after having such a good time this weekend! I just wished we could keep the car, life here is much easier when you have a car. We bought groceries to a worth of 200€ yesterday just so we wouldn't have to go shopping again this month.

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