Monday, February 7, 2011

Today's Exercise

16 minutes of treadmill (warm-up)
1 hour of strength exercises focusing on the chest, mostly. Also some back and tummy exercises.
7 minutes of cross-training

I went by myself today, because Seb was a la-Z-boy and wanted to stay at home. It was okay, though, I was accompanied by a friend from work. We both had our reasons to work out hard today, almost the entire office is going to Nicosia Tuesday-Wednesday to watch Sweden meet Cyprus in soccer, and I'm planning to stay at home and eat A LOT of cake tomorrow! I was really excited to work out today, I actually started early at home, with some dancing and stretching. I really want to become more flexible, I'm desperately trying to put my foot behind my head, but I always end up falling on my back like a beetle :(

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