Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's Exercise

20 minutes of combined cardio and strength
30 minutes of Just Dancing

Didn't feel like working out today, and we didn't go to the gym because it's too expensive to take a cab there with just two people. Anyways, I think it's important that you still DO, even when you don't want. Maybe you just don't do as much as you normally would, but a little is better than nothing, am I right? Usually it's more fun than you thought it was going to be!

My muscles are pretty sore right now, so mostly I just didn't want to work out because of the pain. After wards I rewarded myself by sitting on the porch in the sun in a bikini reading my new book. And finished it! It's too bad though, I would've liked it to be longer. At least I got a little tanned :)

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