Friday, February 4, 2011


I've had a lousy day today! We slept in even though we were going to the gym at 12.30 today. So I got out of bed just before 12 and didn't want to eat when I was gonna work out right after. Because I hadn't had breakfast I was lacking energy, and also I was cranky. I love breakfast and enjoy it more than any other meal of the day, it's a routine and I love making it and I love watching tv shows while eating. Today I couldn't do either and it puts me off I guess. My effort today was lousy! No energy or will.
When I got home I finally got my breakfast/lunch, which was delicious! After a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy and digesting our food, it was time to get to work for me. Usually we don't work Fridays, but my services was needed today, ha ha. It's okay, I got some fun time on the internet as well! Hopefully this lousy day can have a happy ending at least. I'm thinking Just Dance! Oh, and Sons of Anarchy. That show has really grown on me now :)

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