Saturday, February 5, 2011

What did I do today?

 Today we went on a guided tour to watch old ruins from the Greek/Roman-era. It was pretty nice in the ruin-area, because it had grass! Haven't seen that in a long time.
 Hi hi, mine! ♥
 My favourite part about the tour was the cats! Very small and cute, but this one was a bitch. Refused to give me a face shot :(
 This cat was a better model.
 But this one was my favourite! So small, and such a beautiful colour ^_^
 Most of the exhibition was these kind of mosaic "paintings", they were floors really. The guide told us that they were like carpets. A lot of them had a story to them, Greek mythology. I have so many of these pictures, but I don't want to bore you. They were actually really cool in real life, very nice details and almost three dimensional! Amazing that they were able to save these for thousands of years.
 Ruins from an old house, Roman.
 Some kind of labyrinth.
 More house ruins, pretty cool that these houses actually had floor-heat, the walls were much thicker than they are now. I think Cyrpiots should learn a little something about house-building from their ancestors!
 After a while I became cranky, hungry and restless. I'm not really into museums and stuff, I want to DO, not watch! Felt a little bit like being in school.
 Pretty pink flowers <3
 Lighthouse and ominous dark skies.
Cranky! But after the tour we went to Starbucks and Seb treated me to a soy chai tea latte, so I cheered up! ^_^

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