Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Post Office Day!

After waking up this morning, I awaited my boss to call so that he could pick me up and drive me to the big post office, I received a note about a package with my name on it yesterday. I didn't want to be interrupted eating breakfast, so I post-poned that and roasted some hazelnut while I waited.
And look what a marvelously big package I picked up! ♥ I know what's in it, but I'm gonna be strong and not open it until Tuesday, since this is pretty much my birthday present. I'm super-excited about my birthday, even though I don't really look forward to becoming older. I just love a day that is all in my honor. According to me, all of February belongs to me, and you have to be super-nice to me at least until Valentine's, ha ha ^_^ 

Other than that, I've went to the gym, made new granola (that's why I was roasting hazelnuts this morning) and now I'm at work and blogging out of boredom.

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