Friday, September 24, 2010

24th of September - Checking out my next door mall!

So, yesterday was the premier of the new mall that is oh-so-close to my home. I got my salary today so I decided to go check it out, and buy some things that I were in desperate need of! The mall was really big, the area were it's located (it's were I usually shop for groceries) is an old airplane hangar, it's right next to Bromma Airport. I was happily surprised that there were a lot of odd stores there, usually suburban malls gets so trashy, but this place had a lot of more expensive stores, and they didn't have a Gina Tricot which is a good sign in my opinion.
 I bought some new bras, I think I've been gaining some weight recently, but only in my boobs haha, so I guess it's not too bad. I really like the floral patterned one, so I got matching panties as well ^_^
 And I finally got Blondinbellas new book, haha. And if y'all playa' hatin' y'all can go fudge ya'self ;D
 I bought some new nail polish from IsaDora, "Graffiti Nails", the result seems to be really cool so I'm excited for the next time I'm gonna do my nails!
 And can you imagine my happiness when I noticed that my favourite tea shop were selling macarons?! They sold fancy chocolate as well, so I'm really excited!
 After I was done experiencing the mall I went to Systembolaget and bought some wine. We usually by boxes and not bottles, so I was a bit clueless of what to buy. Seb had told me to get a bottle that was around 80 SEK, so I finally decided on this one simply because it had a kangaroo on the label. The wine I usually buy is featuring a crocodile, so I figured you can't go wrong with animals ^_^
If only Systembolaget could start importing Hello Kitty wine, I wouldn't have this problem!
 I found these cheap nerd glasses and decided I had to have them! It's not exactly the kind I want, but I think they're pretty cute.
I also bought some hair dye and dyed my hair a bit darker. It probably isn't very noticeable to other people, I was just bothered with the way my hair looked a bit washed out, I also prefer a colour that is more brown than reddish brown. The hair dye I use is called L'oreal Casting Crème Gloss, and I can definitely recommend it! I've been using it for quite some time, and It's great because it doesn't mess up your hair quality too much (my hair just got a little messed up before when it was super-dry) but it still makes a lot of difference on your hair.


  1. Åh vad massa fint du har köpt!<3 Vill också shopppaaa D: haha

  2. Hihi taack :D Jag ville shoppa ordentligt och lite mer onödiga saker :P Men min pojkvän förbrådde mig innan jag gick ut så jag fick hålla mig i skinnet!

  3. graffiti nails är awesome :D fett kul att leka med

  4. Hihi, now I'm even exciteder :O :D

  5. What was the name of the color of the hair dye?

  6. Shit, I don't remember it now, I just remember that it was just a few shades from the darkest hair dye, sorry!