Sunday, September 26, 2010

Last night

 Our plans yesterday was to just stay home and clean and sort out things, our apartment is a total mess right now, there's not even any place to eat! Anyways, a friend of Seb's called and asked if we should use our bowling certificate, and suddenly we were in a new kind of hurry! As we have mommy and daddy's car at the moment we drove down to the station so that Seb could buy some sushi, I thought I ought to spend the little time we had getting ready instead of eating, so I only had two pieces. It's very rare for me to turn down sushi, haha!

When I finally were ready we took the car once again and went to pick up our friends, Seb didn't drink anything in order to be our designated driver, which was great because I didn't have to pack any ballerina flats in my purse. I think this is the first time I came home from a night out without any foot ache, haha!

The bowling went really well for me this time, I usually suck really, REALLY bad. Like I get 9 gutter balls and two pins down. Yesterday I got a down a lot of them, but most of all; I did a strike! Seb were away for such a long time to order us some milkshakes, and becaus we wanted the game to go on I bowled for him. At first I did a gutter ball, but on my other try I got down every pin! I did it all for love ^_^

Anyhow, I had SUCH a great time yesterday. The place we went to is called Marion's Gastro and is located on Kungsgatan in Stockholm, I can really recommend it. They have a restaurant as well, we ate there a couple of weeks ago and the food was really good as well, and their cocktails are awesome! They have these milkshake-cocktails, and I personally think that theirs are better than Friday's. The bowling isn't great though, we had some problem with our lane last time, but the atmosphere is really cool!

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