Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yesterdays hair and make-up

The make-up I worn yesterday I personally thinks look a bit too much, I don't think that it does in the pictures, but I felt a bit raccoon-ish wearing it, lol. I guess it's a look that doesn't suit the shape of my eyes, and therefore looks too much. I know there are ways to find out what shape your eyes are, and how to best accenturate them.The hair I worn was basically just my hair, but I just got some control over the curls and waves. It's a bit inspirated by a hair style that I saw Kumicky wear in one of my Popteen magazines. If you're gonna wear your hair straight, I think it's important that you make sure that it has a lot of volume. My hair looks simple, but it took a lot more time than it could've had just because I took time and teased every layer of it.
When I got out is started raining, and went back to it's not-so-much normal volume, so it felt like a total time-waste, haha.
It was lucky I distinctly remembered to put a beret on my head, if I hadn't, there's no limit for how disastrous my hair might have turned out! :O

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