Monday, September 13, 2010

Today's Shopping

I went in to town today and bought a few things. My shopping fingers are itching like crazy but it's time I've learned how to save my money, so I'm trying not to shop too much this month.
I bought this amazingly cozy cardigan at BikBok. Right now I'm just lounging around in it paired with my adidas sweat pants (I seriously need to buy cuter lounge wear!), but normally I would probably wear it as an outer to a casual outfit. It'd look good with something like what I wore earlier today.
I also bought these two silver necklaces at Accessorize, it's one of my favourite stores! They have so much cute jewelry, I had a hard time picking just a few items and not buying the entire store, lol!
I also bought a set of pretty casual earrings, it feels weird not wearing earrings at all, but I felt I needed something that just goes with everything.
When I was at the check out I saw these cute key chains and I just had to have them! I'm gonna pair them with my Badtz-Maru pendant and make a bag charm ^_^

I bought some stick-on nail gems as well, but I though I'd better show them off when I've actually put them on my nails.

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