Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time is passing fast

It's amazing how it's all ready the end of September. It feels like it was the end of August recently. It really is fall now, and I really love watching the leaves changing. I have a certain route I walk every morning, and some of the trees I pass are so red you wouldn't even believe it!

There are a lot of changes in my neighbourhood which I am quite excited about, they're building up a completely new residential area right across the street from our apartment, and the place we're we usually shop for groceries will now expand with a shopping mall! This is great, because there aren't any good stores down by the train station, so even if I want the tiniest thing I still have to go into town, it's quite a big re-adjustment for someone who use to live right in the city.

But in one way it can be bit dangerous to have clothing stores so nearby, I don't want to become one of those people who say they're going in to town and then just walks to the closest shopping mall. There will always be better stores in town, suburban shopping malls are just for lazy days and emergencies!

Haha, I didn't really have anywhere to go with this post, just my random thoughts I guess. I might check out that mall tomorrow anyhow, I think they opened today, and tomorrow is my favourite day of the month: Payday! I always say that I'm going to hold on to my money until next month have started, but I only think I've been able to keep that promise twice, lol ^_^

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