Thursday, September 16, 2010


What's with the lack of commenting? I had over 90 page views yesterday, which is a lot more than I usually have, so don't think I don't see you! I would really appreciate some response, what do you think about the new blog? The layout? I've been trying to install a "tag cloud" but I suck at HTML, hopefully I will get the hang of it soon. I have no idea why they make it so hard. A tag cloud should be a gadget that's easy to install, but instead you have to google how to do it, it's stupid.


  1. i found ur blog so now im commenting!! :>

    men ja jag vet känslan, blir lesen hest också när folk läser men aldrig kommenterar :'<<

  2. @Manda: I appreciate it! :D

    Mm, man känner sig som en idiot som står på en gata och skriker och alla bara ignorerar en >.< Ska börja läsa din blogg nu också så kan jag follow:a den sen :D