Sunday, September 19, 2010


I drank a chai latte, love! I'd never understood why people say "ooh, chai latte is so fattening, it's like 300 calories a glass!", but when I saw the lady doing it, I realized why. They poured in like a deciliter of chai syrup! I think it's unnecessary, it was too sweet anyway.
And my oh-so-handsome boyfriend drank a regular latte, yuck! I hate coffee, I can't believe I used to drink that before. Black >.<
I woke up early as usual, around 8, and by the time my boyfriend woke up, our next door neighbour was drilling like crazy. It honestly sounded like she was drilling in our kitchen! Seb told me there's a rule that says it's okay to start making noise from 10 AM, but that sucks! It doesn't really matter for me personally, 'cause I never sleep past ten, but young people usually do, and young people are people too. I don't think it's okay to start making noise that early in the morning on a Saturday. That's just a rule that works out well for families with children who would never sleep in.

Anyhow, at 1 my dad finally came over and released us from the horror, and we got a ride in his car into town. We were going to a comic book store to trade in some old comics, and couldn't very well take the subway. When we had left all the magazines, the rain started pouring down like crazy! We hurried to a safe place and found a coffee shop to take cover in, while waiting for better times. When we had finished our drinks we took the bus home again. At first we had plans of looking around in some stores and what not, but my baby's feet were hurting too much.

We got home and had some spaghetti, and later that evening we went over to a friends house and played Guitar Hero. Well, they played, I just drank my wine and looked through Bizarre magazine, haha!

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