Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have to say that I'm really enjoying my new blog domain! It feels a lot more professional than, it's insane how long they've let the problem with commenting go on and still hasn't done anything about it. I know I'm not the only one whom* have had problems.

Isn't it typical that the day I "launch" my new blog is the day I have absolutely nothing to write about? I have no coords to upload or anything. I wore black jeans, Converse, my knitted cardi and a red beret while I was out earlier, but I didn't really see a point in documenting it. Tomorrow I'm gonna make up for it by wearing something super-fabulous, you have my word!

*I like to point out that I do not know how to use this word. If my miss-spelling or grammar faults annoy you, I'd be ever so pleased if you (in a respectful manner) correct me. After all one of the reasons that I've decided to write this blog in English is because I want to learn and evolve.

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