Friday, September 17, 2010

Today's Coords

Today I am wearing my pink, frilly dress from Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, I think this is the second time I've worn it. I think it's pretty hard to match it in an interesting way. I mean, I think what I've done today looks good and all, but I feel like it's pretty "safe", if you know what I mean? Anyways, here's a rundown:

Dress: Sonia Rykiel pour H&M
Blazer: Silence + Noise
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood
Boots: Nilson

I tried out another pair of eyelashes today, I like these a lot better than the ones I wore yesterday, they were a bit over dramatic, lol. I think the reason I have been sort of negative towards falsies is because when I used to wear them before (back in the good ol' days when I was kickin' it scene style, eh) they only came in tame ones which are shorter or just as long as my own lashes, or VERY extreme ones. Also, I just recently found out that you're able to curl them, lol. I've always thought they'd just fall off if I'd try. However now when I've been to some stores I've noticed that there's a bigger variety of lashes. I think I'm going to practice a bit on the ones I have, and then I'm gonna buy some nice ones from MAC, or maybe order from ichibankao.

I tried to do the "droopy eye" today, but I'm not sure it turned out to well, what do you think?


  1. Vivienne Westwood ♥♥♥ I love that dress but when I tried it on it looked weird on me D:
    Loving the make. I really like how you did the droopy eye :) It looks really cute ♥ Specially since it's not so over the top like in some magazines I've seen D8

  2. @Nana: I know right, I love Vivienne, I wished I own more of her amazing designs! That's too bad, I'm really not too crazy about it, the material is kind of weird :p
    Thank you, that is so sweet! I really don't want to look over the top with my make-up (i don't wanna look scene :p), but I still want to experiment and get out of my comfort zone ^_^

    I follow your blog now so I would love to see some of your coords :)

  3. Her designs are really pretty ♥ I specially love the designs she did for a shoe brand called Melissa. If you don't know it yet, have a look x3 They're really beautiful and fun. Surprisingly comfy too :) And some smell like strawberry bubblegum xD

    Thank you ♥ I just started college and my whole house is a mess right now, but when I finish setting everything I'll definitely start posting some coords.

  4. Aw, I just googled her brand, really cute shoes! :D Haha, it would be sooo awesome to have shoes that smells like bubblegum, how could you possibly get cuter than that? ^___^

    I'm looking forward to it, good luck in college! :D