Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stressful Day

 We went over to my parents house today in order to borrow their car. The tree on their back yard (is it called a back yard if the live in an apartment building? ^_^') had turned a really lovely red colour. This tree has sakura blossoms in the spring, so wonderful! Sakura is my favourite flower ^_^
 Hihi, mommy and daddy's car look like a toy car next to that monstrosity.
 Seb stole my pilots 'cause he needed them while he drove, but luckily I find my mothers sweet glasses. Doesn't I look super-fast?
 After doing some errands we went to the new mall, I remembered to take pictures this time! It's so cool, but it looks a bit off when all the interior is so new and sleek and then you still have that flight hangar ceiling.
 They have some stores that I don't usually visist, like Oasis and Warehouse, but I actually found some cute stuff at both stores! I always thought Oasis was kind of like a store where you would buy prom dresses and stuff, but they had everyday wear as well.
Escalator with cool, round lights.
 Make Up Store, I really like their make-up! Some Swedish pride right there ;)
 Haha, she had such a funky outfit on, I just had to take her picture!
 Crazy, high heeled gladiator shoes. I can't decide if they're hideous or awesome, but I'm leaning towards awesome ^_^
 I have such sweet dreams about owning real, brand Uggs, haha ^_^
 Is it weird that I'm an ophidophobic and still thinks snake print is super-cute?
 I really like those gray ankle boots, they look similar to a pair from Acne, but a more wallet-friendly ;D
More cool lights :D


  1. NEjejeje!!!1 gulli biiiiiiiiil :D:D:D
    (obs. full)

  2. öööh, den är ju blå ju? Blir du färgblind på fyllan eller? ^_^

  3. Ååh, jag har också länge velat ha ett par riktiga UGGs. Tycker Scorett skorna var sjukt snygga! *__*

  4. ^___^ Men det dåliga är att jag har typ bestämt mig för det nu så då kan jag ju inte köpa ett par fejk så länge >.< Jaa, det har alltid så snygga skor :O

  5. haha VA!? gullig säger jag ju, inte gul :(

  6. haha oj :p Jag blev så förvirrad av alla i:n, haha! :D Jag tycker det är en typisk "europeans all drive small cars"-car ;D