Friday, September 24, 2010

Lunch of Today

Today I had some pasta with fried chicken for lunch, at first I didn't feel like eating anything real just because there was a lot of dish, but I realized I had to do them sooner or later anyhow, and you gotta eat! 
I've realized that I need to look over my meals a bit, I don't want to go on a diet and say I can't eat this or that, because I know from experience that it wont work for me. Denying myself the food I want will just make me depressed and if I say I can eat it on the weekends that just means that I will totally pig out then. What I need to do is just basically eat more often but smaller quantities, for example the half-bowl I ate for lunch today. Normally I would eat an entire bowl even though it would make me queasy, just because it tastes so good. But if you eat more often you don't have to eat big portions for that reason, because you will experience a new, good taste the next time you'll get hungry!

I'm not really looking to lose any weight, I don't weigh myself and it's not important to me. I just want to have a more healthy and balanced diet so I wont gain any weight. Also I really want to have a good routine of taking daily walks and do some sit-ups in the morning.

What's your diet/exercise routine?

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