Friday, September 24, 2010

Lovely Morning

 I had such a lovely morning today. At first I woke up at 8 am as usual. I didn't feel like taking a walk, so I skipped it. I think I've walked enough when I went to the mall anyway! I studied for a bit and read a chapter in the book I'm reading at the moment (George Orwell's 1984, I really like it so far!). At about 9.45 I felt bit tired and went back to bed and fell asleep, and when I woke up my sweet boyfriend was just about to set up breakfast in front of a crispy fresh episode of South Park! It's usually me who makes breakfast, as I'm the one who's a bit of an early bird, but I was really happy to have it done for me for a change!

I think it's kind of funny, because when it's my birthday, naturally I get breakfast in bed (this year I got a sundae, yum!), but I still wake up an hour before Seb, so I just have to lay in bed and pretend-sleep until he comes in to the room and sings "Happy Birthday", haha ^_^


  1. Aww that is SO adorable :'D Nothing's better than that special someone to pamper you xD

  2. Hihi ^__^ I know, it's great! :D

  3. aw ni är så jävla fina ihop ;D

    btw postade jag iväg ditt brev igår så då borde det vara framme på måndag! hoppas ^__^

  4. hih, tack! <3

    Åååh, längtar jättemycket :D