Friday, September 17, 2010

Recipe: Cauliflower

This is a recipe which a reader recommended. It's pretty easy, but it was really good so I thought I should publish it anyways.

Okay, so you start by boiling the cauliflowers separately, as shown in the picture. I first boiled the water and then put in the caulies. They should boil for about 5 minutes or so, of course the cooking time varies depending on whether you want them to be soft or "al dente". I thought 5 minutes was the right amount of time, but I like my food soft (I'm like an old lady with bad teeth and I don't like chewing, haha). Now it's time to do the little extra thing that makes this more than just boiled veggies. It's as easy as fried bread crumbs! Just take some butter and lightly fry the bread crumbs, just about a minute or so. Then you pour the crumbs over the cauliflowers, and voilá! I added some herbal salt as well, it's my secret to good taste and I put it on everything!

I ate this for lunch yesterday, as a "side dish" to my mashed potatoes with barbeque sauce, because as we all know, if you eat to healthily your head will explode and animals will start walking backwards!!

(I'm sorry if my English is a bit strange in this post, it's not everyday I'm writing recipes in English!)