Monday, September 27, 2010

Two days in a row

 Yesterday was spent cleaning for most of the time, I had to work as well but luckily I had someone to take over the last hour as I was going out to dinner. It was Seb's brothers birthday, and at first we went bowling. The first round went really well on my behalf, I actually had the highest scores of all the girls (me, Seb's mum and Seb's brothers girlfriend) at some point, but the two rounds after that I came in last, haha!

After bowling we went to a restaurant and had dinner, I had some grilled meat and veggies with french fries, so much for getting rid of my tummy, right? But it was sooo good and totally worth it, even though I felt like exploding after wards.

When we got home we drank some wine and had ice cream, and when it was sleepy-time I rented some Hello Kitty-movies, poor Seb!


  1. älskar dina nya ögonbryn <3

  2. hihi, tack :D Jag ritar bara på egentligen, men jag håller på och växa ut dem så att de ska bli längre :)

    Fick ditt brev igår :D Blev jätteglad! Jag har redan skrivit ett tillbaka-brev så jag ska skicka det så snart som möjligt :)