Sunday, September 19, 2010

Date Night

After voting, I went right home and changed into my panginsus and cozy cardi, but I was still cold :(I had a large diet coke and then we shared a large popcorn with nacho cheddar seasoning, yumsters! But I felt like I wasn't satisfied with popcorns after a while. I want it all, and when I've gotten sick of the salty flavour, I wished I had chosen candy instead, haha ^_^ I had the exact opposite problem last time we went to the movies!

After we had voted, we went in to town and out on our second date night this weekend! We went out for dinner on Friday as well. At first we went to the movies and saw "Dinner for Schmucks" with Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, it was soooo hilarious! It was a really sweet movie as well, I really loved Steve's character "Barry". I thought this was a Judd Apatow movie because of the actors casted, but I didn't see his name anywhere in the info on the movie at imdb.

After the movie, we went to a Japanese restaurant called "Arigato" and had dinner. Seb had a sushi dinner, with tempura as starter, and I had a tempura dinner with sushi as starter, haha!

The election is live on tv right now, so my boyfriend is nagging about me watching it with him ^_^


  1. That cardi looks so confy ♥ I love winter clothes... I love winter. Can't wait for it to start.
    I saw that movie last week too. Steve Carell is so awesome xD And too say the truth, I though the mice were cute. Hehehe... .____.''

    Damn, now I want Sushi xD

  2. It really is, I'm sooo in love with it ^_^ Haha, well I'm the direct opposite, I don't feel like myself when it's cold, I get sad and can't wear what clothes I like. But I think fall is okay, it's nice to being able to wear knitwear and such for a while, to change your wardrobe a bit :) But you can't have very cold winters in Portugal, can you?

    I LOVE Steve Carell :D Haha, me too, if they were'nt real dead mice I would like those art pieces in my house ^_^

    Hihi ^_^

  3. It really varies. Where I study (and live) gets really cold and since it's really near a small mountain range it snows from time to time. On the other hand, during summer it's so hot I get dizzy.
    In my home town it can get really cold too and it's very humid since it's more to the north.

    Lol it really is opposite. I can only wear my favourite clothes during winter since they're so warm. Plus, I can play with lots of layers ♥ And I love fluffy scarfs and hats.

  4. Oh okey, I always just thought that all countries by the Mediterranean sea were more or less hot all year around, but I guess I was wrong ^_^' Well, actually, I knew that there are some parts of Spain where you can go skiing, so I wasn't completely clueless ;)

    Uh, I know what you mean! Sweden is like either super-hot or super-cold, and I like the time in-between, spring or fall, when you still can dress nice without freezing to death or melt away! :p I love summer, but I never feel as though I can express myself through my style fully.