Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I woke up earlier than usual today to tan a bit, we have access to a tanning bed in our building. It's quite shabby, so it's not as luxurious as it sounds, but it's cheaper than other places and it's convenient. I know tanning makes you wrinkly and causes cancer, but I honestly NEED to tan in the winters, my skin gets messed up if I don't. I'm not really built for the dry and cold Swedish climate I guess, I should move!

After I'd gotten my face in proper place, and Seb finally had woken up, we took the car (! oh the laziness -_-) down to the station and met up an old friend of Seb's for lunch. We had such a good time, and I thought it was really funny, because it was both our Name Day's today (congratulate me!), and her boyfriend is named Sebastian as well ^_^''

When we got home I read my book for a while, and then I tried out the new Super Mario Galaxy game that Seb bought recently, it was sooo much fun and highly addictive! The game is really pretty as well, and it differs quite a lot from other games I think, but the controls were actually not as hard as I would've imagined :)
The yummy steak I had for lunch, haha! Who eats stake for lunch?!

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