Monday, September 20, 2010

My Hello Kitty Collection

Sorry for my non-made-up face, today I will only stay inside and study, work and do laundry, so I thought I should make time for those important things and not spend hours in front of the mirror ;)
Yesterday when we were out on the town I bought a Hello Kitty egg. It's my favourite candy, but I don't think there's a store near where I live who sells Hello Kitty candy, so I always make sure to buy one whenever I see them ^_^
Today I got Hello Kitty holding an apple, I didn't have this before, so I'm very glad I didn't get a duplicate!
By the way, how the hell can Kitty hold an apple?! That's like third of her weight, lol!
Here are my Kitty Collection, I only have 9 kitties left and after that I can move on to another series.
The big Kitty holding a guitar is a pencil top that I got from an ice cream I bought in Cyprus last year, the others are from the other series. The kitties in the other series looks way better, they are a lot more detailed! Unfortunately this series is even harder to get a hold on, I only know one store that sell them >.<>


  1. I don't get it. Do you have home studies now? And where do u work? :)

  2. Yes, I flunked some subjects in high school and now I have to re-study them, you do this at home and don't have much guidance from an actual teacher, just e-mail correspondence. But I think it's great, it's a better study plan for me :)
    I work at a telemarketing company as an administrator, so I can work from wherever I like ^_^

  3. sounds great girl :) it's impressive that u are so active on your blog when u have the studies and work.. there are so many bloggers that complain about not having enough time to blog.. too bad when someone have an interesting blog, but with few updates

  4. Well, it never takes too much time to write a post, since I'm on my computer all day, I can take short 10 minute brakes to make posts :) Especially with studying, 'cause it's not good to JUST study for hours straight ^_^