Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Care Package ^_^

 Seb's mom sent us a care package that finally arrived today, I was so happy and excited I couldn't focus on my reading haha ^_^ We got one Christmas calendar each, I got Hello Kitty and Seb got Lego (and of course I'm a bit jealous, 'cause i friggin' love Lego, hehe). We also got easy-bake saffron buns, so I'm exciting to eat that and nothing else tomorrow! And we got some Swedish Christmas candy as well, Juleskum and Ahlgren's granar.
 Because 15 days of December all ready had passed, I got to open 15 hatches ^_^ Sooo many presents! It's so great, because these Hello Kitty figures is actually from the same series that I've gotten in a package of cookies down here, but I think the calendar holds all of them, which means I don't have to buy anymore cookies (which is good since I didn't like them at all). I also got rings and pins.
All 15 hatches, so cute, makes me want to draw colourful pictures. My favourite was number 4, the penguin!

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