Friday, December 24, 2010

More Christmas Prep...

Today me and Seb borrowed my dad's car and went Christmas-grocery shopping with our friends whom we are celebrating Christmas with tomorrow. We bought such insane amounts of food! Like 20 kilos of meat, ha ha! I felt sad about that cart filled with carcasses :( But it was a fun day, I love shopping, even when it's just groceries, it's still lots of fun! We had lunner at the Bromma Blocks mall as well, I had lobster pasta.

When we came home we wrapped up the last gifts and then I made some more Christmas candy. To me the candy is far more interesting than the food.
 Marzipan dipped in melted chocolate. Sebastian was surprisingly good at this, much better than I really (not that I'm a candy making master, but I bake a lot more than he does). I grew tired of it after a while and just made marzipan balls, it was just falling apart all the time!
 Taffy, basically the same as brittle but softer. LOVE THIS!
 I made rocky road this year, something I have never done before, very excited to see how it turned out! It's chocolate with toffe, marshmallows and nuts, sounds so delicious! I love the rocky road ice cream as well.
I bought macaroons at Bromma Blocks, my breakfast tomorrow! They had two new, Christmas flavours; saffron and gingerbread, excited to see what they're like.

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