Thursday, December 9, 2010

9th of December

I woke up early today and studied hard all morning (except for a short break for breakfast + Sex and the City), so now I'm done with half of this assignment, Seb will have to come in and work tomorrow, so I'll have some privacy to finish. 
At the Siesta we went down to the grocery store and I bought hair dye, I used L'oreal Casting Créme in the shade "Satin Blond", but it doesn't look very blond to me? Oh well, it was just toner so I didn't expect too much of a change, I just wanted it to be a little lighter and get rid of the gray colour in my roots.

When we were done with all our errands we went home and had lunch, I had yoghurt with honey, weird? Tonight we're going over to a couple of guys' from work to have dinner, nice end to this week :)

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