Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Shopping Day

Even though I didn't get much sleep the other night, I still got in to town at noon to shop some more. I need to buy more shirts/tops, but I don't know what to get. What kind of tops would you say is absolutely necessary to have in your wardrobe?
 At 3 I met up with my mum and we went for a bite to eat, sushi! I had "Mika Special"; two tofus, two salmons, one avocado and one tuna ^_^
 I bought new underwear at Accessorize, they had half of on almost everything, SCORE!
 I also bought a cute, leopard print umbrella, figured I'll need on in Cyprus since it's raining all the time.
 Before I met up with my mum I said hello to Seb who was going to visit his brother. We went to a game shop and I bought two expansions packs for the Sims 3, they were only a 100 SEK, so cheap!!
 I bought new socks at Urban Outfitters with a cute lace top. Apart from this I was rather disappointed in UO this time, they didn't have very nice clothes at all, and it was all very expensive >.<
 I bought new Mac lashes (I'm in love!), no. 41 and 42. I think I'm going to wear no. 42 (the top ones) on New Years, they're so extreme!
I bought some new t-shirts to work out in, I love the middle one, I think it'll be so funny to wear that to the gym!
After shopping and sushi, me and mum went to see the new Harry Potter movie, I loved it! I think this was the best of all Harry Potter movies ^_^ If you haven't seen it yet you absolutely should! Can't wait until summer for part 2, though. 
The only thing I disliked about it was the big snake, because of that I couldn't see the movie in 3D, apart from that it was fabulous!

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