Sunday, December 5, 2010

Update: What I ate yesterday

 A friend called while I was at Starbucks yesterday, so we went to have lunch at this sushi place, I had unagi rolls, yum!
 Later that night we went to a restaurant called "Goose fat & garlic", it's located far away from Paphos town, so the cab fair was almost as much as dinner :⎪
Anyway, we had a lovely meal. I had honey glazed duck breast with delicious cherry sauce for main course.
(Sorry for the bad picture quality, lighting wasn't the best and I don't feel comfortable changing settings and stuff while at a restaurant, I embarrass Seb enough with my picture-taking.)
 For dessert I had a mulled wine panna cotta, SO GOOD! I love panna cotta, and this one had kind of a "Christmas-y" taste, like maybe it was cinnamon in it or something, lovely!
Seb had a delicious rhubarb & custard cheesecake.

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