Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas

Sorry for no blogging, I've been away during the Christmas weekend.
 Lots and lots of snow ^_^'''
On Friday we went to our friends house to celebrate Christmas with them, it was so much fun to celebrate with friends instead of your family! It was never boring, you get tired of grown-ups after a while ^_^ We exchanged gifts, watched Disney's Christmas Special, ate (a lot) of food and candy, and played board games. Later at night we ended up on the couch with computers in our laps, the guys ordering more Christmas presents for their girlfriends. I'm expecting to get mail later this week, hopefully it'll arrive before New Year's ...
Back in Stockholm again, we passed this cute little bakery that looked like a ginger bread house!
The morning after (on Christmas Day) we went home early in the day, showered and got dressed before leaving Stockholm and went to Uppland to visit Sebastian's mom. We ate lots of food, opened presents, drank toddy by the outdoors-fire and watched Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix.
I had very little sleep last night, and when we woke up this morning it had been snowing like hell, I was worried we wouldn't get away, but we arrived safely in Stockholm around 2 a clock today.
Feet-pampering-kit ♥
As soon as we'd gotten home I took a long bath bomb-bath and pampered my feet with my new feet-pampering-kit from the Body Shop, and after that it was of to Sebastian's dad to eat lots of food and open more gifts, we got home just now. I'm really tired today so I'll probably go to bed soon, tomorrow I'm waking up early to go in to town and SHOP! :D

Hope you all had a nice Christmas with lots of yummy food and wonderful gifts!

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