Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 08 - A moment

Last summer (-09) me and Sebastian went to a festival called Peace & Love in Borlänge. We had been dating for a couple of months, only he was living in Cyprus at that time and our relationship had been of the long-distance nature. Needless to say it felt more like we were dating than that he was my boyfriend, it was all just really new and exciting.

I think it was the second day of the festival, or maybe the third? I had gone to bed really early the night before, and Seb stayed up partying without me. When I woke up the next day he still hadn't come back to our camp, so I started asking around if any of the people we met earlier had seen him, but no one had. I was bored and wandered around town for the entire day. When I got back to the camp again I finally saw him and he told me of how he'd woken up in the festival hospital and noticed that is wristband-pass was gone. We had to talk to the guards, and go down to the police station to report it and stuff.

When we got back from the police station we had to wait for a guard to help us get in again and fix our problem. We had been buying beers and stuff and just had to sit down at the lawn in front of the entrance. It was awfully warm this summer, like 25°-30°C and not a cloud in sight. Sitting there, I knew that I normally would've just hated this, I was exhausted and hungry from being on my feet all day, and having to wait for a "verdict" on whether we'd get in again or not was just nerve-wrecking. At the time I didn't feel it was too bad, though.

I didn't mind waiting, because realized that I loved him, and when you're with someone that you love boring things doesn't seem so boring any more.

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