Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14 – My Fashion Past

(Warning for picture-heaviness!)
This is a post where I will show old pictures of how I used to look, from age 15-20.
15, in some kind of gross cross-over between punk, wapanese and kitty cat X____X
Wapanese but ALL pink, wooh!
 16 and blond, short-haired emo.
I had that short blond hair for so long, sometimes plain and sometimes with black bangs.
Oh, and with pink bangs!
Turned 17 and got into Scene and adored Audrey Kitching, but I still looked emo/skate.

Got rid of the black, started dressing more feminine.

I got into kind of a vintage styled and got inspired by Dita von Teese and how Christina Aguilera used to dress.
Dyed my hair dark brown, still into the vintage style.
 Dyed my hair back to blond around Christmas.
Started getting into scene again, but actually looked the part, at least not as emo as before. 
Turned 18, got black bangs again.
Got in to ganguro! Haha, no, not really, just a friend using my face as a canvas ;___; But my interest in gyaru started about here.
I guess these are probably my first attempts at gyaru
 Dyed my hair ginger and evolved my gyaru style, looks a lot better here I think. Oh, and I did that Point-thingy from egg on my outfit pics :)
WTF? Got in to ganguro/manba for real this time? :O Naaah, just dressing up for Halloween ^_^
Dyed my hair dark again.
I get sad seeing pictures from this time of my life, because they remind me of how deep down I was in the promised land of eating disorders and depression :( For months I wore nothing but baggy clothes because I felt so ashamed of my body.
Turned 19 (this is from the night I went out to celebrate), I'd just met Seb a couple of weeks before, btw :) But we weren't dating at the time.
 Got back to blonde hair again
Spring time started and I started feeling better and stopped my hiding ^_^
Me and Seb had just got together, and I dyed my hair turqouise.
Summer-time and white hair, I suppose I was kind of into gal at the time, but pretty clueless.
For a short time I got super-into the movie Fear & Loathing and wanted to be Raoul Duke, so I wore tea shades all the time, haha ^_^
I started to get into 16th century fashion and wanted to be Marie Antoinette... naah, just dressing up for a party ^_^

Last year in Cyprus, Sebastian was living here back then as well and I had summer vacation and went down to visit him for 7 weeks which was awesome. I'm kind of grossed out with how bad condition my hair was in at the time, and kind of jealous of how tan I was! 
I had gotten home to Sweden one month before Sebastian, and this was the day I was going to the airport to meet him up, so exciting!! 

I bought my extensions ^___^ I look so good in long hair like this, but I wasn't very good at putting in the extensions, looked so fake :/ My hair was a bit too short as well.
 Halloween last year, me and Seb dressed up as Mario and Princess Peach ^_^
Here you can see how badly my extensions looked >.< *embarrassed*
We'd just moved in to our apartment at this time, by the way.
Some outfits from last winter :)
Bought my first set of circle lenses
Some more outfits, turned 20.
Bought my second pair of circle lenses, brown ones.
 This was the first "warm" day, a Saturday, the snow started melting and we went out for a walk, a long with the rest of Stockholm ^_^ Beautiful day! It was warm enough for thin tights and leather jacket, yay!
 Dressed up fancy for going to the movies with my mom ^_^
Took my fabulous sailor dress out for a spin
6th of May, our anniversary ^_^ We went to central Stockholm and had picnic in the park with chicken, strawberries, cheese and chocolate.

Summer outfits, during this summer I kind of wanted to stop dressing gal at first, and I certainly didn't feel like doing my hair or using a lot of make-up in the heat, but when fall came I realized I CAN'T stop loving gal, even if I wanted to! So I made a promise to fully commit, and be gal for life ^_^
Fall outfit/looks until I started this blog (more recent coords you can find in my archive).

I personally think this is so fun, and I love the fact that blogging has made me take so many photographs, it'll be so much fun when I get older, and when I get kids! 
I'm excited to see what my Fashion Future holds :)


  1. Thousands of years of civilization... and then this?

  2. I'd say it was a couple of years of uncivilization, and then THIS very civilized young lady :)