Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 13 - This Week

 (Oh, it's the thirteenth? Happy Lucia!!)

This week is our last week in Cyprus (for this year, we'll come back again right after New Year's) and I'm SO SO SO excited to go back home, I miss my parents so much! Living her is absolute pain at the moment, I postponed showering for so long this morning just because I didn't want to leave my cozy place (chair, slippers, PJ-pants, hoodie, socks, blanket over my legs like a sick old lady :(). This week is just one that I want to PASS so that Monday will come sooner. If I could I'd stay in bed and be warm for the whole week, stupid work being in the way of my plans (of course, if work wasn't in the way I could leave this hell hole and move back in to our apartment back home).

So, what have we learned from this, kids? Never underestimate the luxury of a hot shower!

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