Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today's Get + food

Today I went to a last-minute gal meet, I'm so happy that I had time to attend two while I'm still in Sweden! I actually took pictures today so I will show them later.
 I had vegetarian spring rolls for lunch today, so good!
 When I got back home from town my package from had arrived! I got this tight, off white dress. It has really beautiful details when you look up close.
 I love the back on it, but I think I should wear another bra, ha ha ^_^''
 Sorry for the bad pic, white dress, the "skirt" is really tight but it's a bit poofy over the torso.
 White summer dress with pockets, naturally I'd have to wear another dress under this, since it's see-through.
 Off-white ankle-high cowboy inspired boots, love these! They're so perfect to wear during spring, and maybe even summer. You could probably wear them during night, great with tanned legs!
 I bought a Mickey-sweater on sale at H&M today, I wanted this earlier this fall but didn't have any money at the moment, and I went to Cyprus soon after it had arrived at the stores. So happy to find the last one, in my size, too!
 I bought two tanke tops as well, with peace-signs!
 Before going home I went to Lush, I bought:
Bubblegum lip scrub
Celestial face cream
and Ultrabalm

Because I bought things for more than 350 SEK, I got a free surprise-bag, with products worth the same amount! I got:
Fair Trade Foot Lotion
Happy Hippy
Massage oil in cake form
and Snow Fairy lip tint.

When I got home and showed-off my gets, my mum gave me the Charity Pot Body & Hand Creme.
Great day for me, ha ha ^_^ I haven't done any Lush-shopping in ages!
 I bought two nail polishes for french manicure, and also rhinestones, I need to make new nails for New Year's!
 Bought new lashes for everyday-use.
 Dove Summer Glow, I have to go tanning tomorrow as well, I refuse to celebrate the new year being pale!
When I got home me and Seb went to the Thai-restaurant and bought take out, Pad Thai, my favourite!
My last gift for Seb finally arrived, a Cyanide & Happiness-plushie! So happy that he got it before we left. So cute, right? ^_^ Figured he should have a stuffed animal as well, since I have so many.

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