Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 04 - What I ate today?

Oh, this is a tricky one, I just woke up so I haven't eaten yet (well, my full-fat full-sugar mocha praline is sort of my brunch today), and I probably wont log onto the computer later tonight. We are going out for dinner tonight at a super-nice restaurant though, I've really been looking forward to going there! How about I show you what I ate yesterday instead?
 I had apple pie with custard for breakfast ^_
 For lunch we went down to the Penguino café and I had a smoked salmon ciabatta. This is like my new favourite, the salmon is just so lovely paired with the sweet pickle and onions, I love parmesan, too.
 We bought crazy-expensive nuts and dried fruit at this small shop down in the harbour, we bought roasted macademias, dried strawberries and banana chips. On the way home we stopped by this wine shop and bought a some-what expensive wine. Actually it was only like 9 €, but that's expensive for wine down here.
 For dinner we had chicken, potato wedges and ratatouille. It was sooo good, I make the most amazing (non-deep fried) potato wedges in the world, and the marinade for the chicken was amazing as well (thyme, olive oil, soy sauce, salt and two garlic wedges). Seb has starting to make that ratatouille all the time and it's just lovely, you can eat it with everything!
Later at night Seb went out to the bar and I stayed home and studied/watched Sex and the City, I ate some of dried fruits and nuts as a snack. And with 'some' I mean A LOT!

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