Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Supporter of Madness

Seb got sick yesterday, and had to stayed home from work today, it's like a big deal because I don't think he have ever been sick before, at least not sick enough to stay at home. I hope it's not the flu or something like that, I have been feeling sick-ish lately as well, but I think that's just linked to me eating too much.

Since he was home I got distracted from studying (bad Mika!!), but not distracted enough not to bake cheesecake (I'll post the recipe tomorrow in case your interested, or in case you aren't. I'm still posting, so deal with it!). After my cheesecake-baking we watched an endless stream of Entourage-episodes, and ordered Domino's pizza (worse Mika!!). 
On the upside I got back my latest assignment today, scored a VG as usual ^_^ I'm still shocked about the fact that I'm not a total moron.

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